Investor FAQs

  • MDU Resources Group, Inc.
    1200 W. Century Ave.
    P.O. Box 5650
    Bismarck, ND 58506-5650
    701-530-1000 or 866-760-4852
  • On March 14, 1924, the company was incorporated under the name Minnesota Northern Power Co. by C.C. Yawkey and Walter Alexander, both lumber businessmen in Wausau, Wisconsin, and R.M. Heskett, a Chicago engineer. Heskett was vice president and general manager, Yawkey and Alexander served as president and secretary-treasurer, respectively, but neither had operating responsibility. The company began acquiring electric properties in eastern Montana.
  • Yes, it has traded on the New York Stock Exchange since September 20, 1948. The ticker symbol is MDU.
  • MDU Resources operates on a calendar year-end, so December 31.
  • Yes, MDU Resources has paid consecutive quarterly dividends since 1937, and in November of 2017 we increased dividends for the 27th consecutive year.
  • As a convenience to shareholders, quarterly dividend payments can be automatically transferred on the dividend payment date to the bank, savings and loan or credit union of the shareholder's choice. Direct deposit assures payments are credited to shareholders' accounts without delay. Participation forms will be sent to shareholders upon request. Requests for an enrollment card can be made to Shareholder Services.
  • Lost stock certificates are costly and inconvenient. If a certificate is lost, stolen or destroyed, notify our Transfer Agent, EQ Shareowner Services, immediately so that a 'stop transfer' instruction can be placed on our records to prevent transfer of ownership to another person. EQ Shareowner Services will send the shareholder the forms to permit the issuance of a replacement certificate. In order to replace a shareholder's certificates, we are required by law to post a surety bond at the shareholder's expense to protect all concerned against the possibility that the lost certificates might return to circulation. The cost may vary; currently it is based on 3 percent of the market value of the lost shares. It is important to safeguard certificates against loss.
    As an additional precaution and for shareholders' tax records, shareholders should keep a separate record of each stock certificate showing its certificate number, the number of shares, the total cost or value when purchased and the date acquired.
  • The MDU Resources Foundation was formed in 1983 as a way to give back to the communities where MDU Resources operates. Since its incorporation, the foundation has contributed more than $32 million to charities and organizations. The areas of philanthropy the foundation supports are health and human services, education, civic and community activities, culture and arts and environment. Generally, contributions are restricted to organizations qualified as tax exempt under Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Those organizations must be located in MDU Resources' areas of active business or where the company has customers. The foundation is funded annually by contributions from MDU Resources’ subsidiary companies.
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